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New release of Note-to-FHIR available

29 April 2024 – We’re proud to announce our second beta release of Note-to-FHIR, HealthSage AI’s Large Language Model (LLM) dedicated to healthcare. Note-to-FHIR converts unstructured clinical text into standardized FHIR resources, simplifying complex data management in healthcare settings.  

Check out the new beta release at GitHub and Hugging Face. 

What’s new?

Note-to-FHIR was first released in December 2023. The new release builds on this foundation with significant enhancements:  

  • Expanded language support: Note-to-FHIR now also supports Dutch, in addition to the existing English support, making it ready for customers in the Netherlands 
  • Improved accuracy: The conversion accuracy of Note-to-FHIR has been enhanced from 90% to 93%, ensuring even more reliable and precise data transformation. 

Our first customers are already utilizing the new version of Note-to-FHIR with their own medical data, through our early access program. The initial outcomes are promising, and we look forward to revealing more details about these successes in the near future.  

Technical enhancements

For those interested in the tech behind the magic:  we’ve transitioned from using Meta Llama 2 to Mixtral 8x7B, one of the most advanced open-source models available today. This change underpins the enhanced capabilities and efficiency of Note-to-FHIR in handling complex data conversions. 

About Note-to-FHIR

Note-to-FHIR addresses one of the most pressing challenges in healthcare: transforming dense, unstructured clinical notes into clear, actionable information. It takes unstructured text and converts it into structured FHIR output, enabling seamless integration with healthcare information systems.  

For instance, with Note-to-FHIR, structured information extracted from clinical notes can be used to automatically generate comprehensive patient overviews. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of clinical decision-making. Additionally, Note-to-FHIR can simplify administrative procedures such as creating discharge letters. All in all, Note-to-FHIR can reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus more on patient care. 

Note-to-FHIR can be integrated into existing healthcare information systems and offers great potential for health IT vendors to develop new applications.  

More to come

As we continue to refine Note-to-FHIR, we are currently expanding our language support to other key languages such as German, French, and Spanish. We are also working on expanding the context window capabilities (to handle large input texts) and supporting medical coding systems such as SNOMED CT. The commercial version of Note-to-FHIR will become available soon. Stay tuned for more updates – make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information directly in your inbox. 




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