New release supporting Dutch - available now!

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Meet the CTO: Despoina Ioannidou

Healthcare Gen AI expert Despoina Ioannidou joins HealthSage AI as CTO

24 June 2024 – HealthSage AI is proud to announce the appointment of its new CTO: Despoina Ioannidou. What does Despoina bring to HealthSage AI, and what are her plans and priorities? We delve into her personal journey, professional experience, and vision for the future of AI in healthcare. 

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New release of Note-to-FHIR available

29 April 2024 – We’re proud to announce our second beta release of Note-to-FHIR, HealthSage AI’s Large Language Model (LLM) dedicated to healthcare. Note-to-FHIR converts unstructured clinical text into standardized FHIR resources, simplifying complex data management in healthcare settings.  

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HealthSage AI Closes € 3M Seed Round for its Open Generative AI Platform

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16 April 2024 – A promising advance for healthcare: HealthSage AI, less than a year after its inception, today announces a 3M seed investment to enhance and scale its open generative AI platform fully dedicated to healthcare. This platform will offer a trusted and transparent foundation for the development and adoption of AI applications for healthcare, including HealthSage AI’s own LLM Note-to-FHIR. 

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Meet the founders: Harm-Jan Wessels and Marcel Alberti

16 April 2024 Meet the pioneering duo behind HealthSage AI: Harm-Jan Wessels and Marcel Alberti. Together we dive into their story – from the initial spark of their company idea, into the launch of HealthSage AI’s first applications and securing substantial seed fundingas they discuss the power of AI in making healthcare more efficient and effective. 

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Note-to-FHIR LLM Tutorial

19 February 2024 – 👋 Hey there AI builders! Do you want to learn how to transform clinical notes into structured FHIR using LLMs? If yes, then you will love our first YouTube video tutorial! 🎥

In this video, we will show you how to setup and use our Note-to-FHIR LLM, a powerful solution that converts unstructured text into FHIR resources. Also, we explain how we evaluate the quality of the data conversion. By using our LLM, you can help improve the interoperability and quality of healthcare data, and contribute to the advancement of medical research and innovation.

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Release FHIR Quality Inspector

19 January 2024 – This week marks a significant milestone for HealthSage AI! We’re thrilled to announce the successful implementation of our new FHIR Quality Inspector tool, a major leap forward in enhancing the accuracy of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) resource evaluation.

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HealthSage AI launches Open Generative AI Platform

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4 December 2023 – Today, the European start-up HealthSage AI announces the launch of its Open Source Generative AI Platform fully dedicated to healthcare: a trusted and transparent foundation for the development of AI applications for healthcare.

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