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Release FHIR Quality Inspector

This week marks a significant milestone for HealthSage AI! We’re thrilled to announce the successful implementation of our new FHIR Quality Inspector tool, a major leap forward in enhancing the accuracy of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) resource evaluation.

Data transformation in Healthcare is inherently complex and laborious given its large volumes and variety. Our innovative tool is designed to streamline this process, enabling quick and automated comparison of data transformation quality against ground truth. What’s more, it comes with a fully visualized interface (sample screenshot on the right) for effortless inspection.

This module signifies a substantial advancement in managing healthcare data, reflecting our unwavering commitment to precision and quality in healthcare.

Embracing our ethos of open-source innovation and community collaboration, we are excited to share these advancements with the world. Now available on our GitHub repository, this tool works in perfect harmony with our SOTA Note-to-FHIR LLM, launched on Dec 1st, 2023. It also stands as an invaluable, independent tool for FHIR quality comparison.

Kudos to the entire team for their dedication and hard work in bringing this project to life. Your dedication to enhancing healthcare data management is truly remarkable.

We eagerly await the community’s feedback and contributions through our regular channels.



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